6 Remedies To Lighten Hair At Home

there are several home remedies to lighten hair naturally. This is especially true if your hair is a dirty blonde or a lighter brown. Whether you want hair highlights or you want to lighten dark hair, a bottle of hair coloring or bleach may not be necessary. In fact, these artificial chemicals are bad for your both your health and your hair.

How To Lighten Hair Naturally With Sunshine

Right outside your window is a natural and incredibly strong force that will lighten brown hair in a relatively short time. That is, of course, the sun. You have probably noticed that your hair is usually lighter during the summer when you’re outdoors more. But if you want to know how to bleach hair naturally then simply lie down outside. Cover your body with cloth and spread your hair so that it will absorb those pure, golden rays. You will have incredibly beautiful — and natural — hair highlights, and, if you spend enough time outside, your hair coloring will be as light as you could possibly wish.

How To Lighten Dark Hair By Swimming

If lying in the sun is a great way to naturally lighten your hair, then going swimming first and allowing your hair to dry in the sun is even better. You can swim in all kinds of water: a pool, a fresh water lake or stream, or the ocean and get the same results. The chlorine in the pool seems to speed up the process even more.

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NOTE: the safety of cholorine in a pool is questionable. Lots of folks who are interested in a natural life don’t like the chlorine in a pool – and I agree with them. But the bottom line is that if you’re going to swim in a pool it IS going to be chlorinated. Period. So if you’re going to swim anyway, you can take advantage of the chlorine to highlight your hair.

Hair Coloring With Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has been used to lighten hair for decades. It’s not nearly as natural as sun and sea, but it surely beats a bottle of chemicals from the drugstore. Some people report success with pure hydrogen peroxide.

It is very important to first test out this concoction! Use a Q-tip and test on a small amount of hair near the back of the neck line. In this way, if something really funky happens, it will be hidden by your other hair. Wait 24 hours and see what’s happened and that everything is okay before you go ahead and use the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia on your hair.

One other warning: this stuff smells really raunchy!

Critical: never, never, never use any kind of bleach on your hair. It will damage both your skin and your hair and nobody should be breathing in those fumes.

Use Lemon To Lighten Hair

Lemon juice is a more natural alternative than hydrogen peroxide. One fresh lemon will give you approximately 2 tablespoons of a lemon juice. Mix this juice with approximately 6 tablespoons of water and rub it in to your dry hair [more juice if your hair is long, less juice if it’s short.]

Allow the juice to remain on your hair for several hours before you rinse it out.

If you repeat this for several days [the time depends on YOUR hair] you will have very natural hair highlights. Of course, if you also take your lemon juice covered hair out in the sunshine that will speed the process up. The best thing about using lemon juice as a hair colorant is that it looks very natural.

Hair Coloring With Tea

Yes, hair coloring with tea is possible. We are talking about ordinary tea that we drink every day and use in our favorite iced tea recipe. Tea, though, is funny — it can lighten hair but it can also darken light colored hair. Steep your favorite tea and allow it to sit until cool. Test it out and see what happens. This method requires patience because the changes will be gradual.

Hair Color With Henna

In a way, any mention of henna is inappropriate in this article — because it will not lighten hair. Yet good-quality henna will safely allow dramatic color changes. A blonde can quickly become an enticing brunette or red head and brunettes can either become and a total redhead or add gorgeous red highlights to her hair. However, there is no way to bleach hair with henna — in other words, a brunette will not become a blonde with henna.

The really great news about henna is that it is wonderful for your hair, as long as as you are using good-quality henna. In fact, colorless henna is recommended for the health of your hair and the resulting ‘henna hair’ is stronger and more beautiful than it was before. How cool!

Use these home remedies to lighten hair naturally before you resort to the bottle of chemicals. Your body and your hair will thank you.

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